Treasure Hunt / Activity Trail

Help Find the Hidden Treasure!
Welcome explorers, we have a challenge and we think you are just the right people for it! I hope your exploring skills are in tip-top shape as you will need them in this self-guided challenge. Captain Radmor has returned to the area after many years at sea and has decided to share some of his treasure—but only with the best explorers! He has set a trail and series of clues to find. Find the answers and maybe you’ll receive the treasure!

How to Play

The treasure trail document has everything you need other than a pen or pencil. The following pages contain the directions and clues to solve / questions to answer. If you miss an answer just retrace your steps. Good luck!

Treasure Trail Complete?

Well done—we knew you could do it! Make sure you’ve noted down all the answers on the sheet provided. When you get home submit your answers to by 26 September 2020.
Captain Radmor will be checking to see who gets them right and shares his treasure!

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