2014 Festival

27th Radyr & Morganstown Festival

The Festival Queen and her two attendants have written the following, regarding their experience during the 2014 Festival.

Festival Queen: Zoe Hall

The last couple of weeks have been one of the best experiences of my life. Not only was I the Festival Queen I got to spend each event with two of my close friends. I have loved the May Festival ever since I moved to Radyr, when I was two and to be named the Queen at every event I’ve been to has been amazing. it just feels incredible to have this opportunity that I will remember for the rest of my life. During the Festival I have met lots of people and they have all been lovely, especially Martha of LATCH. I want to thank everyone who has come along and supported me and my friends and of course LATCH. I hope you enjoyed the Festival and I can’t wait to see what is on next year.

Festival Attendant: Sophie Thomas

Being a Festival Queen Attendant has been an amazing experience. Whilst it has been hard work, busy and tiring I have enjoyed every minute of it. My two highlights were riding in the open topped car in the Parade and attending the Peter Karrie concert, which was tremendously exciting. Getting the chance to see a famous singer in our own village was an inspiration. For pure fun I loved the Duck Dash!

I want to thank you, Maggie and all the organisers so much for giving me the chance to have these wonderful experiences. I go to meet people from all generations and parts of the community, to take part in an amazing variety of different cultural events that I would not otherwise experience and also to do my bit to help in a very worthwhile cause. I will remember these last two weeks for ever.

Festival Attendant: Pola Marawska

I was an attendant in the Radyr Festival 2014. I had a couple of favourite events. I enjoyed the maypole dancing at the crowning ceremony (actually I participated in the dance last year). The children’s tea party was great because there was entertainment and lots of sweets. I absolutely loved the “We are the Champions” concert, even though Maggie, our boss, told me off for eating too many peanuts. I was honoured to meet a Cavalier King Charles at the Dog Show and the Open Air Concert was really fun. I had lots of crisps and drinks. Although Queen Zoe fell into a bramble bush as we were playing tag and had to be treated by St John’s ambulance. The Radyr Festival was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.

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