Dog Show & Vintage Tractors

Sunday 13th May, 1:30pm , Community Area, Lychgate Gardens, Radyr Sidings

Free Entry

Come and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon featuring:
VINTAGE TRACTOR RALLY organised by the Tractor Boys of Aberthin and judged by Michael Craddock.

FESTIVAL DOG SHOW (starts 2pm), Competition Entry, £1.50 per class. Register for entry on the day. Contact Val Allen, 2084 2579. Bring your dog on a lead, properly groomed and ready for novelty class competitions, judged by  Mrs Laura Morgan  (see below  for full conditions of entry).  Rossettes wil be awarded to sixth place. 

There will be stalls, a BBQ and soft drinks bar. Feel free to bring your own picnic.

Note that parking at this venue is limited; please walk if at all possible.

FUN CLASSES:  (Please note that these classes differ from those shown in the printed Festival Programme.  The entry fee has also been increased to £1.50.  Apologies for those errors!)

  1. Any variety veteran (7-12 years)
  2. Any variety vintage (12 years & over)
  3. Best rescue dog (dog or bitch)
  4. Best crossbred under 15″
  5. Best crossbred over 15″
  6. Child handling
  7. Dog with the waggiest tail
  8. Best brace
  9. Best six legs
  10. Best trick
  11. Miss World
  12. Mr Universe
  13. Best fancy dress
  14. The dog the judge would like to take home


  1. The decision of the judge is final.
  2. Dogs must be on a lead at all times.
  3. Dogs must be kept under control at all times.
  4. Any person not abiding by these conditions or causing a disturbance wil be ordered from the show.